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Going Unplugged

Going unplugged… inspired by the book ‘Unplugged’ (see below) I decided to go without headphones on today’s run. The idea is that it helps to be able to notice more of the world around you and to what’s happening internally, how your body is moving and breathing. ⠀ I have practiced this in the past when I was training for Brighton Marathon (2018) as the rules said no headphones. Now though I tend to listen to podcasts rather than music, partly due to always being surrounded by music while working in gyms but also because it’s a convenient time to get some listening done. ⠀

Going without that I found the run was more relaxing, I didn't have to concentrate, my thoughts were free to wander. I did notice the sounds of the birds and my breathing more. The whole thing felt simpler. ⠀

Recently I’ve been noticing feeling ‘unproductive’ like I ‘should’ be doing ‘more’ which is a really tiring mindset to have. I think it was helpful to give myself some time off where the focus was just on running, which I love (!), and not on trying to maximise the usefulness of the time. A run on it’s own is useful as it gives the brain a chance to switch off and unwind. ⠀

After this I’m planning to go unplugged at least 50% of the time to see whether it was just today it made a difference and to see what else I notice. ⠀

What’s your preference when running? Music, podcast, other? Do you ever mix it up? ⠀

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