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Hi! I'm Rhianwen

My Background

After having worked for many years in typical 9-5 corporate sales team and knowing I did not feel a connection to that career but realising I loved working with people I left and began working for a mental health charity. The recovery work was so rewarding, supporting people to set and work towards goals, but I soon found my passion lay more in fitness and I decided to qualify as a Personal Trainer. 

While still in the corporate world I was already regularly going to the gym but soon took up running as a way to lose excess weight and over a long period, in combination with a 'No Points' Weight Watchers plan eventually lost 4 stone. As my fitness improved I began joining in group exercise classes and that became a regular part of my lifestyle along with newly healthy eating habits. Over time and especially when I was working in mental health I became more aware of how important having an exercise routine, and in particular running regularly, was for my own well being.

My Training

My initial goal was to become a Les Mills instructor. I started with BodyBalance quickly followed by BodyPump and later BodyCombat. I love the energy that people bring to those classes and it's incredibly inspiring to see how hard people will push themselves. In 2019 I studied the Spiralling Crow 250 hour Vinyasa yoga teacher qualification to deepen my knowledge of yoga. Throughout that time mainly teaching group exercise my love of running for my own training has grown. I particularly the long endurance efforts and have built up to marathon and 50km distances. Initially running was something I kept more for myself but overtime I've come to appreciate the joy of sharing it with others. With the experiences I've had through training, what I've learned about motivation and mindset, plus an absolute hunger for always reading and learning more about those things I recently took the next step and completed the UESCA Running Coach Certification which I hope to follow soon with the Ultra Running Coach.


  • L2 Fitness Instructor.

  • L3 Personal Trainer.

  • Les Mills BodyBalance, BodyCombat, BodyPump.

  • 250 Vinyasa Yoga Teacher.

  • England Athletics Leader in Running Fitness

  • UESCA Running Coach

  • OPEX Programming Principles

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