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Vinyasa Yoga

A vinyasa is a smooth transition between asanas (poses) especially when movement is paired with the breath.


My teaching hopes to guide you through doing the simple poses well, with curiosity and patience. Over time becoming more familiar with, and comfortable in, our bodies.

practice tips

Blocks and props can be really beneficial for those with stiffer, less flexible bodies, helping you to progress your practice of yoga.

Check out this video demonstrating how they can be used.

LIVE Classes

Where to find me during the week for a live class. Membership required at David Lloyd and Nuffield but the White Horse offers a pay as you go option.  

Tuesday          18:30          White Horse Leisure Centre 

Wednesday    09:40         
                        14:00         David Lloyd Oxford

Thursday         09:45         Nuffield Health Oxfordshire

Friday              12:10         White Horse Leisure Centre 

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