Rhianwen beint PT

Running Coach. Personal Trainer. Yoga Teacher.


Whether you want to want to improve general health and fitness, get stronger, lose some weight, or even run a marathon I can help. 

With over five years in the fitness industry, instructing group fitness classes and working with people individually, I am especially passionate about helping those are new to exercising or lack confidence in their abilities. As a recreational runner for over 15 years I have trained myself up to and beyond marathon distance. 

Through one to one and group coaching I'm here to encourage and support you to achieve your goals, take the stress out of figuring out how to make progress, and have fun on the way!


How I can help

Taking time to get to know you, understand your goals, and the challenges you typically face whether that's motivation, finding time to train, managing energy levels. 

Challenging you to be bold with your goals and keep working to achieve them.  


Creating plans to in fit with your life. Keeping workouts simple but effective. Life gets busy enough all by itself so I aim to keep training as stress free as possible by being clear about what's expected each week and how that supports progress towards your goal.

Recognising that most people don't want to spend hours worrying about exercise or what to eat. That you want to enjoy your life and be as fit and healthy as possible. Being flexible and adapting to any disruptions that might come up. Helping you to stay on track.

Lets Do THis

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