Online Coaching

How it works...

We'll chat about your goals, current habits, things you've struggle with around exercise, expectations about the coaching relationship.

Create a plan to get you progressing towards your goals. 

Workouts are delivered via email on the day and via an app where you can mark workouts as complete, leave feedback on each session, view previous and upcoming workouts, and keep track of relevant metrics.

I review the workouts as you complete them and give feedback and encouragement, or additional tools if needed, to help keep you motivated and performing well.    

Together we'll monitor your progress and adjust if needed or just keep pushing forwards! 

  • Saves you money compared to in-person personal training.

  • Full one to one support and regular contact throughout the plan.

  • Complete workouts at a time and place that is convenient to you. 

  • Ideal for who already has some experience of exercise but looking to progress and of need of guidance and support working through a training plan.


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  • One to one contact throughout the week to check in, keep you accountable review and support your progress.

  • Support with mindset and motivation.

  • Adjustments to the plan if needed to keep you on track.




Whether you want to want to improve general health and fitness, get stronger, lose some weight, or even run a marathon I can help. 

With over five years in the fitness industry, instructing group fitness classes and working with people individually, I am especially passionate about helping those are new to exercising or lack confidence in their abilities. As a recreational runner for over 15 years I have trained myself up to and beyond marathon distance. 

Through one to one and group coaching I'm here to encourage and support you to achieve your goals, take the stress out of figuring out how to make progress, and have fun on the way!