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Why I Love the Run Up 2 Christmas

First, what is it?

It’s a virtual running event, so rather than going to a specific place on a specific day to run a set distance, instead you run/walk your own routes in your own time and choose your own target distance, log those miles and register them online and after the end of the event you get a medal in the post. These got really big during the pandemic lockdowns but have been happening (including this one) from before then.

What I like about it…

It’s simple. Choose a target, run (or walk) it. Simple. You run when you want and as far as you want so if you already have a routine for running regularly you could set a target that’s close to what you would usually do and get a medal for doing it.

It helps to keep motivation going in the darkness, cold, and (probably) rain of December. It’s nice to have the extra incentive of counting those miles towards the extrinsic rewards of the medal and bragging rights on social media. Although social media understandably has a reputation for being a waste of time (and sometimes even toxic) the running community is one of the nicer places to hang out, most people’s posts tend to be something along the lines of ‘I struggled, but, yay, I did it!’ or pictures of a pretty route. I mention this as although you run this event on your own, there are also hundreds (thousands) of other people working through their own challenges at the same time and in those moments where enthusiasm has a wobble seeing other people out there getting it done can be really motivating.

Although it is called the ‘festive’ season this time of year can be overwhelming for lots of people not least to do with additional socialising and the demands of preparing for Christmas itself. Making an extra commitment to take time for yourself and to do something that’s rewarding for intrinsic reasons, i.e. stress relief and the satisfaction of doing something difficult, can be very supportive of mental health.

It ends on Christmas Day! Other events typically cover a whole month from start to finish but as the name ‘run up to Christmas’ suggests this starts on the first of December and all your miles have to be logged before Boxing Day. Christmas Day miles, if that’s your thing, get counted but once those are done you can legitimately put your feet up for the rest of the month with a sense of satisfaction at reaching your goal.

Depending how click-happy you get in the online post-Christmas sales it’s likely that one of the first things you receive in the post in the New Year would be your finishers medal. A solid reminder of what you achieved and a nice way to start off a new year that maybe helps to inspire more goal setting?!

Hopefully this has encouraged you at least take the next step of checking out the RU2C website where you can find all the details, FAQ and sign up. I'll be posting my progress via Instagram where you can follow and send me a message if you decide to join in!

Disclaimer: this post is not an ad or paid for in any way by RU2C. I am simply a very happy past customer wanting to share the love and motivate others to get involved!

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