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Environment Matters

I was reminded of this today as I was out with time to spare (waiting while my car was being serviced) that being in a coffee shop really helps me focus and I was able to get some reading and work done that I would have been way more distracted from if I’d been at home.

The same is true for working out. Much easier to get it done and done well when you’re at a gym or in a class environment where that’s the only focus, than at home with all the other distractions and demands on time. I know a lot of people have really struggled with or given up attempting to exercise at home.

One of the things I’ve found, out of necessity, to be helpful is to rearrange my space before and after the workout/yoga. Moving furniture and rolling up the rug, cover up the TV, perhaps lighting a candle for a yoga session, use what you can to create an environment that supports what you’re trying to do. It’s worth the extra effort if it helps you to keep moving rather than letting the exercise slip!

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