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Global Running Day 2020

Using this as an opportunity to reflect on how running has completely transformed my life. Not just the actual running either, wanting to be stronger and better at it got me doing BodyPump and BodyBalance, which eventually led to me becoming an instructor and PT. ⠀

From the first time on the treadmill getting through 10 minutes without walking all the way up to half marathon and then in 2018 my first marathon finish. I honestly didn’t believe that completing a marathon would ever be something I could do. It just seemed so big and long and hard. Even after all the hours and hours of training it didn’t seem real until after crossing the line and then it took a few moments to sink in. Now that threshold’s been breached I can’t wait to attempt an Ultra distance although at the moment that seems quite out of reach. ⠀

It’s amazing to have something in my life that challenges me and shows me time and time again I’m capable of more than I realise. That there’s joy to be found along the way. It’s given me focus and rescued me from heartbreak. It’s a space to breathe, process and remind myself I can do this (whatever ‘this’ is). Indirectly it’s brought me into a job I love and connected me with so many lovely and inspiring people. Here’s to many more years of that joy and possibilities it brings. ⠀

📷 Brighton Marathon 2018

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